Aqua Trainer provides a therapeutic respite movement of horses
with simultaneous monitoring of the movements. Movement in the water for a superior muscle fitness, gravity is lifted in water and do not strain the muscles and joints of the horse's full weight. Water provides a soft resistance for muscle building and fitness, which is enhanced by faster movements and thus increases the load in a natural way. Aquatrainer can be loaded individually for each horse up to 1.20 m Aquatrianeren is a very good tool for rehabilitation and to support the daily training for sport and leisure horses.

Application & Benefits:
Rehabilitation after surgery, after the tendon and ligament problems. Treatment of back problems. Restoration of muscle conditioning. General revitalization. Additional training. Relief of the tendons and joints Cooling capacity / stimulation - Massage muscle - Healthy blood circulation
Horse aqua trainer, without housing = 250 kr.

10-trip card for horses aquatrainer, for horses without housing = 2,200 kr.

Steps machine without water /Walker, without housing 0,5h = 50 kr.

The machine is digital camera monitored with Digital Video Records documentation of training sessions.
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